Sector articles

In this section, you will find articles that I have written for sector publications.

Third Sector

I am a regular columnist for Third Sector’s digital hub. Find all my articles here.

Guardian Voluntary Sector


Engage your givers with virtual reality -a starter guide

Cancer is happening right now. A winning campaign that hits home.


Why cancer patient John Underwood’s fundraising drive is touching hearts

Facebook’s resistance to RNIB’s advert poses questions for charity campaigns

Up Yours! Why charities keep giving us the finger

The Dress: are social memes and shock tactics the future of charity marketing?

#HappySoundsLike – a free playlist will not bring change for those in poverty

#SmearForSmear – there’s no such thing as a sexy charity cause


Samaritans Radar: ‘Charity deserves round of applause for putting mission front and centre’

BandAid 30: five things charity fundraisers can teach Bob Geldof

From potato salad to prosthetic limbs: five offbeat charity crowdfunding campaigns

Ice bucket challenge – when can a charity hijack a hashtag?

Five ways charities use gamification

Newsjacking the tube strike: were charities disrepectful or creative?


How to run a successful crowdfunding campaign

How to make the most of Storify

Refuge at the Sole Communicators Group

Flying Solo- lone communicators in the charity sector

Building a peer network

Institute of Fundraising


Three time-saving social media tools for small charities

Can small charities be innovative?


Three Comms challenges that small charities face

Magneto Films

Making Vine work for you

 All things IC

How do you connect people with your brand online?

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