Introducing MissionBox

Working in the nonprofit sector is incredibly rewarding – but it throws up fresh challenges every day. Where do you turn when you have a question about Gift Aid claims, or when you need expert advice on how to engage with your trustees? Where do you find inspiration to revive that same old fundraiser you’ve been running for years? Where can you share your knowledge, expertise and successes with others in your sector?

Nonprofits and charities shine when they connect, learn and share with each other.

They get stuff done. They make a bigger impact.

The newly-launched connects people working in the nonprofit sector with peers who are seeking guidance and answers.

Free to access, MissionBox has hundreds of articles written by experts, specialists and sector professionals. They tackle everything from job description templates to advice on undertaking a rebrand. As they grow, they’ll feature more and more resources submitted by those who know first-hand what it’s like to lead a successful nonprofit – people like you.

The goal? Stop “reinventing the wheel”, create a larger sense of community, and together, make a bigger impact.

Why not take a look today? Join the MissionBox community.


4 thoughts on “Introducing MissionBox

    • Hi Taryn

      They aren’t a nonprofit but all the content is for people who work or volunteer for charities and is free. I’m not sure what you mean by ‘what will they do with the content?’. There are hundreds of articles on MissionBox that have been written by specialists or been reviewed by experts and they are free for nonprofits to access. I hope that answers your question?

  1. Hi Kirsty, Mission Box is a Great idea and a very necessary support service for small charities and non profit organisations. In the current financial climate when government and local authorities are reducing services, the pressure on small and independent organisations is increasing out of all proportion to their ability to deliver their mission.
    As a CEO of a small charity that sadly had to close last year, through lack of funding, the increasing red tape ( have you seen the recent changes to the Charity Commission requirements?) makes me wonder why anyone still has the passion and resilience to keep going ! The offer of free and expert advice from those with experience is hugely valuable and I and my volunteers will definitely make use of it.
    My own personal experience of the complications of closing our charity was incredibly frustrating and time consuming, and the CC website was most unhelpful. If it hadn’t been for the advice and guidance of our local Voluntary Service Human Resources team, and personal telephone support from an advisor from the Small Charities Coalition, I and my trustees could have been at risk of breaching CC regulations.

    Having survived and retired, I am now looking to support our remaining Angling project to continue as a non profit organisation, and will value any guidance I can obtain from Mission Box.

    Its great to know that there are younger visionaries out there with the same energy and passion to improve life, that I and my colleagues in the Surrey Voluntary Sector had/have.

    Nancy (

    • Thank you Nancy for your comment and really sad to hear your charity had to close last year… as a trustee of the Small Charities Coalition, I am delighted to hear that you were supported via our helpline! I hope you will find MissionBox a valuable resource – there will also be the ability to create your own posts soon so I hope you might consider sharing some of your own advice with others in the sector?

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