My top 5 charity campaigns of 2015

As we approach the end of the year, I’ve thought about the many charity campaigns I’ve seen throughout 2015 and have made a list of my favourites:

#SmearForSmear by Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

The cervical cancer charity launched a social campaign to raise awareness of the importance of having a smear test, during Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (25-31 Jan). The idea was simple: put on some lipstick, smear the lipstick, take a selfie, share on social with #SmearForSmear and nominate a friend to do the same.

It started as purely an awareness raising campaign but a text donate call to action was soon added once the campaign seemed to gain momentum. Of course, as it followed the #icebucketchallenge and #nomakeupselfie it gathered some criticism for ‘jumping on the social media bandwagon’. Here’s my response to that claim in the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network.

I even took part myself:

#BTTCK by RNLI’s social media team

Not strictly a charity campaign but I absolutely loved the Back to the Crew Kit campaign by RNLI’s social media team. For three  whole days the five members of the RNLI’s social media team wore oil skins and lifejackets from a bygone era in order to raise vital funds for their charity. Search #BTTCK on Twitter for some hilarious pictures and videos on how they got on.

#EndangeredEmoji by WWF

Such a clever, current campaign that (deservedly) even picked up an award in the Drum Social Media Buzz Awards. The idea is that every time you use an endangered animal emoji on social media, you make a small donation to WWF to help save them from extinction.

#TheChokeables by St John Ambulance

What do you do if your baby starts choking? The aim of this campaign was to teach parents first aid directly so that they would know what to do if faced with an emergency. Social media, particularly Facebook, played a massive part in getting the video seen and shared and as a result of this campaign 45 babies were saved*

*This is from feedback given to the charity by parents.

The video has been watched almost 6 million times on YouTube alone.

#DECHOX by British Heart Foundation

DECHOX is a denial fundraising challenge where participants give up chocolate for the month of March. Not for this chocoholic I’m afraid but it was a great success for the charity. The beauty of this campaign lies in its social nature – there was a whole host of tools, such as pre-written emails, social media badges and even an ‘offline’ desktop sign. There is also a clever link between unhealthy foods and heart disease so there was a real purpose to this campaign. And boy were people proud of their medals.

I also liked how the charity took on an edgier tone of voice and in fact, this was one of the campaigns this year that sparked my article for the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network on profanity in charity campaigns.


So there you have it – my top 5 charity campaigns for 2015. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what charities come up with in 2016!

What were your favourite campaigns of 2015?