Have charity viral campaigns had their day?

A couple of weeks ago I was asked by Resource Alliance to participate in a live debate, chaired by Fundraising UK’s Howard Lake, on whether charity viral campaigns have had their day. The debate was to launch the opening of registrations for their free virtual fundraising conference – Fundraising Online – which will take place on May 13 to 14.

My opponent Sean Triner, Pareto Fundraising director, debated for the motion saying that:

Viral campaigns are like lottery tickets. Every so often someone hits the jackpot. But for every winner there are tonnes of losers.

I argued against the motion, saying that it’s far too soon to say that these types of campaigns have had their day and that success means different things to different charities and the word ‘viral’ is actually damaging.

The debate has been covered by Fundraising and Philanthropy Australia  and you can watch/listen to the debate here:

I’d love to know if you agree with me that charity viral campaigns are only in their infancy, therefore they certainly have not had their day or whether you agree with Sean that they have already reached saturation. Please leave a comment below.

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