Free writing masterclass for charity people

The Sentence Works is holding its first masterclass on 20 June in Brighton and those who work in the charity sector can come along for free!

Topics the masterclass will cover include:

• How to write crisp, punchy sentences
• How to begin and end a document effectively
• How to structure a document in a logical way
• How to write to length
• How to write in plain, simple English to make your work more readable
• How to cut out unnecessary words to make your writing clearer
• The most common grammar and punctuation mistakes and how to avoid them in future
• Hints and tips to improve the spellings that give you nightmares.

So if you’d like to learn how to become a more confident writer and communicate your charity’s message more effectively, then this course is for you. The course will be run by a qualified trainer with more than 25 years writing experience for national newspapers and magazines. Email Judy at to request a place and be sure to say which charity you work for.

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