Have you got a life wish?

Life wishes. We’ve all got them right? My life wishes include: running a marathon, writing a book (would be great if it could top the Bestseller list but I can’t be TOO fussy), visiting Machu Picchu, walking the Great Wall of China, renovating an old house into something Grand Designs would be proud of and learning to speak Italian.

The thing is, if I set my mind to it, I could actually achieve all of these things. And that got me thinking… the children that Child’ s i support don’t have that luxury. Ask them what their life wishes are and you’ll hear:

‘To live with my mom again. I miss her cuddles.
‘For my parents to find work so that I can go home and they can take care of me.’
‘For someone to love me and sing me to sleep at night.’

So I decided to stop procrastinating and do something to help Child’s i raise the money they need to help trace and reunite babies and children that they provide short term emergency care for at Malaika. I want to inspire 100 people to sign up and raise £100 to do something on their ‘life wish list’. That £100 is the difference between a child growing up in an orphanage or being reunited with their family.

Now, I’m no fool. Asking you to only raise £100 to say, run a marathon, is a bit silly. But you could run a 5k. After all, you have to start somewhere……

So what will I be doing to raise £100? I’ll be writing the first chapter of that book I’ve always wanted to write. Lucy Buck, Founder of Child’s i, will be finding her inner voice by staying completely silent for 24 hours. Child’s i’s Kirsty Stephenson will be running 100 km in 100 days. What will you be doing?

Join our #100forChildsi team in four easy steps:

1. Decide on your ‘life wish’ (there are lots of ideas here)

2. Set up a JustGiving page

3. After you’ve set up your JustGiving page, add your page to our team

4. Then email kirsty@childsifoundation.org and tweet me at @LondonKirsty and we will be your personal cheering squad



If you can’t take part then please help in other ways by spreading the word on social media, sponsoring a #100forChildsi team member or you can sponsor me. I’d be ever so grateful….

6 thoughts on “Have you got a life wish?

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