How charities are using gamification to research, to fundraise and to campaign

Gamification is about using game mechanics, such as rewarding behaviour through badges and creating competition through leader boards, to influence the player’s behaviour. It’s less about game play but rather about the psychology of people’s motivations to act in certain ways. Once we understand how people behave and what motivates them to act, we can create something meaningful to influence their behaviour in a way that is beneficial to us.

Here is a post I recently wrote for the Guardian Voluntary Sector on five gamification campaigns by Depaul, Save the Children, The Children’s Society and Cancer Research UK.

I’m currently working with social innovation company Loop Labs, who are developing a game to inspire adults to drive less and walk more, through the use of pester power, in order to create happier, healthier, safer and more sustainable cities to live in. We’re looking for kids aged 7-11 to give us feedback on designs for the game, Badgerscape.

Please spread the word, or if you can help then please tweet #meandmykidarein to @L00plabs