Are you social media obsessed? Then volunteer for a charity!


I spotted this in the February edition of Glamour magazine and it gave me the rage. Ok, maybe not ‘the rage’ but I was jolly well annoyed.

There are so many things wrong with this… I made a list

  1. Just because you are social-media (and why does it have a hyphen?) obsessed does NOT mean you know how to do it well
  2. Social media for a charity/brand is a full time job. Any person doing this professionally will attest to this. And by full time I mean way beyond the 9 – 5, Monday – Friday. Could a volunteer realistically commit to this?
  3. Volunteering for a charity, local or otherwise, should not just be a means to boost your CV
  4. Last time I checked, volunteering was *mainly about a passion for that cause and wanting to do something good for man or animal-kind. (* I am not naive, of course it also helps your CV – you learn new skills and employers like it)
  5. Social media is about knowing your charity/brand and your audience inside out and how to position your messaging. It’s also about conversations, not just ‘spreading a message’
  6. Also, it’s a professional job. Not one where you get to sit at home in your PJs with one eye on the telly … (unless it’s at night of course during a relevant show and you’re live tweeting. Then PJs are allowed)
  7. Lastly…. and this is quite an important point – charities don’t have the time to invest in a volunteer who isn’t invested in the charity. Please don’t take Glamour’s advice and apply to a local charity because you think it will boost your CV and they’ll be grateful to have you.

On a more positive note…. if you really are interested in volunteering then find a charity and a role that’s right for you. Check out the opportunities section on the website of a charity you have an affinity for or take a look at these organisations :