Happy 5th Birthday NFPTweetup!

Last week NFPTweetup celebrated it’s 5th birthday with cake, cupcakes, wine and some great presentations and a panel discussion.


The theme was on using digital in live events. Joe Dix, Website Manager at WWF was up first to talk about how they live-streamed Earth Hour. Next up was Digital Freelancer Bertie Bosredon to give us a glimpse into his digital toolbox. Finally, there was a panel discussion on using social media for live events with Sally Chambers from JustGiving, Kate Brennan from the BHF, Joe Freeman from Sue Ryder and Teri Doubtfire from Child’s i.

But this isn’t a post about the event. This is a post about the phenomenon that is Rachel Beer.

Rachel, and others (a dedicated team of volunteers), have worked tirelessly for five years to bring us NFPTweetup – a free event for digital people working in the charity sector to learn from our peers and to network. It started with humble beginnings back in 2008 in a pub with about 40 people and has grown to over 100, with tickets ‘selling out’ in minutes, and hosted in a proper auditorium (thanks to the generosity of Amnesty International).

I can tell you, from running the Sole Communicators events with CharityComms, that it’s not easy running free events. It takes a lot of time to research new topics, source speakers, find free venues etc and then you have to hope that people actually turn up! It takes dedication and a commitment to ensuring that those working in our sector have access to the latest campaigns and trends. And all for free.

It really is thanks to Rachel that I have met so many wonderful people and learnt from some of the best in our field.

It was only fitting that we thanked the founder of NFPtweetup, Rachel Beer, for all her hard work over the years to help us all be better in our roles. Thank you Rachel! (She will curse me for posting this!)

* Photo of the cake is by Rachel Wright, nicked off her Twitter feed

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