Embarrassing meeting situations… we’ve all had them

I came back from a meeting yesterday where I had managed to knock over a jug of milk in a rather posh restaurant. It went all over the grey carpet and my handbag and was, of course, rather embarrassing.

So, naturally, when I got home I tweeted about it and the responses that followed from others are priceless.

My personal favourites include:



Rochelle (2)

So how do you recover? Acknowledge the situation and take¬†control of it. Perhaps it is through humour, apologising or following up with an explanation if you only realise after the meeting. We all make mistakes…it’s how we deal with them that matters.

Please take a look at the hashtag #SoDoIGetTheJob and share your embarrassing meeting moments- it’s really quite cathartic!

Take a look at the Storify to read other’s embarrassing moments and be warned…they WILL make you laugh out loud!