Inspiring Women


As it is International Women’s Day I thought I would share with you the woman, working in the charity sector, who inspire me. And every single one of them embodies the quote above from First Lady Michelle Obama.

Laila Takeh – Head of Digital Engagement at Unicef

Rachel Beer – Founder of Beautiful World and NFPTweetup

Jude Habib – Founder of Sound Delivery

Zoe Amar – Head of Marketing and Business Development at LASA and Guardian Voluntary  Advisory panel member

Sylwia Presley – Social Media Advisor at NFP Voice and founder of Barcampnfp

Rochelle Dancel – a women of many, many talents who wears many hats, including producer, web designer and online marketing strategist.

Jennifer Begg – Digital Media Consultant and Trainer

Vicky Browning –  Director of CharityComms

Which women inspire you?

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